Background: Why is DeAfrica offering these services?

Many African countries face a wide variety of economic challenges, including high unemployment. There is significant interest in business and entrepreneurship, but due to a lack of educational opportunities, this resource remains untapped. There is a need for young people to gain experience and knowledge in business, and for current business leaders to receive further education and expertise. After attaining additional education, these people can help improve the economy in their local areas, create jobs, pay tax revenues, as well as give back in their communities.

Recent technological innovation now provides abundant opportunity for online courses to be delivered on mobile platforms in Africa. However, there is a fundamental need to have localized resources for preparing learners to be successful in online courses. Well-qualified participants need scholarship funding in order to access high-quality courses. In addition, they need support and community to ensure that they are able to complete their coursework. Utilizing regional channels for creating community for online learners via WhatsApp and other social media platforms is effective in supporting learners and building community.

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