Our Services

Distance Education for Africa has services designed to assist clients to fully benefit from the potential of e-Learning. The services are offered for a fee. For additional information kindly contact us.

Capacity Enhancement/ Capacity Building

  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Curriculum Design
  • Youth Employment Component
  • Revenue Management
  • Target County Renewable Energy
  • Target County Forensics Department


  • e-books (ex: 1.Putting Applications on our website and people will download them for a fee 2.designing an application to advertise restaurants menu on mobiles sitting in that restaurant)
  • Seeking bidding to digitalize materials/or buying the machine
  • Moodle ( setting Moodle for institutions)
  • Blackboard (renting our Blackboard)
  • DeAfrica Moodle + Blackboard integrated. Integration Moodle and Blackboard to sell them like a package called “ ALL IN ONE”. This new product will be sent to Universities

Institutional Development

  • Fundraising
  • Partnership/Collaboration with Institutions