A formal networking and mentorship program to catalyze economic growth and job creation across Africa

DeAfrica has launched the Pan-African Human Infrastructure (PAHI), which will be under Distance Education for Africa (DeAfrica)

The De-Africa-Pan African Human Infrastructure (DeAfrica-PAHI) aims to develop and implement a formal, vibrant mentorship and networking program to create very strong teaching and social presences within the DeAfrica Community of Inquiry Framework (COI). This will build a highly active community across Africa where like-minded women and men entrepreneurs can support one another, stimulating economic growth and job creation for women and men in Africa.

Pan-African Human Infrastructure (PAHI), under Distance Education for Africa (DeAfrica). PAHI’s goal is to advise and support DeAfrica in expanding capacity-building programs across Africa. It aims to capacitate Africans through online resources and an educational center for upskilling professionals.

DeAfrica’s vision is equitable access to quality education in Africa. PAHI’s mission promotes distance education and entrepreneurship, linking African government leadership with communities for access to online courses and achieving SDG4.

PAHI’s objectives:
1. Promote sustainable and inclusive education in African communities.
2. Create economic impact through gender equity in education access.
3. Establish a human infrastructure of nations supporting each other in business and leadership.
4. Facilitate research and mutual understanding among DeAfrica students and professionals.
5. Establish networks for expedited online education and leadership development in Africa.

Together, under Pan-African Human Infrastructure, we seek to empower individuals, uplift communities, and create a prosperous Africa through transformative education.

We will leverage the collective talent, abilities, and experience of successful DeAfrica alumni across the continent by offering mentorship, guidance and strategic advice, and leadership development to DeAfrica trainees and other DeAfrica alumni. We will link network members with further education, leadership development, funding and partnership opportunities. We seek to inspire creativity, confidence, and tenacity – and provide a supportive environment for women and men members to overcome obstacles and unlock their leadership and business potential.

We are on our way to creating the Human Infrastructure!  Congratulations to Malawi—the first country to create a Human Infrastructure program!  (DeAfrica-Malawi Alumni Association)

Please join us by creating a DeAfrica Alumni Association in your country!!!!!!